How To Make Your Rented Portable Bathrooms More Inviting And Comfortable For Event Guests

3 February 2017
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Renting portable bathrooms for your next event? Here's what you can do to make them more comfortable and inviting for your guests:

Wrap the Exterior

Wrapping the exterior of your portable bathrooms is an excellent way to make them look less temporary and more permanent. Use light bamboo fencing to wrap the restrooms to make them look like huts, or wrap them with decorative outdoor tapestries to create a softer look. You can even hang stylish shower curtains around the portable restrooms to make them look more inviting than they naturally are.

If there are holes located around the roof of your portable restrooms, you can hang your chosen exterior wrapping material by tying an end of small, thin pieces of rope to the holes, and another end to the hole that you create in your wrappings. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape to adhere the wrappings to the restrooms which can be taken off before the rental company picks them up. But your wrapping may tear when taking them off, which will make them unusable in the future. So, if you use adhesive, it's a good idea to choose recycled materials or inexpensive options to wrap your restrooms with.

Decorate the Interior Walls

By decorating the interior walls of your portable toilet stalls, you'll give event guests something to entertain themselves with while using the restroom, and you will help camouflage their stale plastic environment. Use cutouts from the latest magazines and newspapers to create wallpaper that can be hung on the walls in each restroom. After cutting out the pieces you'd like to use for your décor, paste them together using super glue to create large hangings. Then just pin them to the insides of the bathroom walls using double-sided tape. Choose a different theme for each portable restroom to make them each unique and to optimize their entertainment value.

Hang Homemade Air Fresheners

Making and hanging homemade air fresheners is an effective way to keep mosquitoes of out the portable restrooms so they don't bite people, while also ensuring that the interior spaces remain pleasant smelling. There are a variety of herbs that can be used in your air fresheners that smell great to humans, but not so much to mosquitoes, which will keep them from wanting to enter the interior of the restrooms. To make your air fresheners, gather a variety of mosquito repelling herbs that have been dried, such as:

  • Lemon Balm
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary

Crush your dried herbs into small pieces and then stuff them into mesh bags about the size of your hand that features drawstrings you can use to close them and hang them with. After stuffing the bags, tie a knot at the opening with the drawstrings and then hang the drawstrings on little ledges or hooks inside each stall.

Create a Set of Basic Rules

Creating and posting a set of basic restroom rules is just as important as decorating your portable restrooms to make them more inviting and comfortable. While it would be nice to trust your event guests to keep the bathrooms in good shape while using them, you can't expect everyone to be on the same page unless a set of rules are posted in front of the restrooms. Posting a rules sign will remind guests of basic etiquette that should be followed and make them aware of specific guidelines that they may not have thought of on their own.

Sit down and make a list of all the rules you'd like to implement for the restrooms, then go through the list and check everything off that seems redundant or common sense. Then streamline the rest of your ideas where possible by combining similar rules and cutting others where they no longer make sense. By the time you're done, you should be left with a set of 4-6 solid rules – such as leaving the lights on at all times and wiping the toilet seat off after using it – that are easy for guests to understand and follow. 

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