Faqs About A Well Water Inspection

17 March 2017
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Prior to closing on a home with a well, you need to have the well and its components inspected. Although the home inspector can provide a basic inspection of the well, the results will not be as detailed as they would be with a professional well inspection. If you have a well inspection scheduled, here is what you need to know.  

What Is Included in the Inspection?

The well inspection is designed to inspect every aspect of the well. For instance, the well itself, water pump, control box, and well cap are all evaluated to determine their condition.  

In addition to a thorough inspection of the well, the inspector will research the history of the well. He or she will determine the age of it, the yield that has come from it, and the changes that have occurred to the water quality. If there is cause for concern, the inspector will note it is in his or her report.  

The evaluation is not a one-day test. The inspector will want to measure the consistency of the pump and how it works in various conditions. Factors, such as how often the pressure tank calls for more water from the pump will be noted and the yield from the pump will be measured.  

Another part of the assessment is ensuring the water well meets the local requirements. Each municipal has its own set of standards and if your well does not meet them, the inspector can help determine what it will take to bring it up to code.  

What Should You Ask of the Inspector?

Before the well pump inspection, contact the inspector and determine if there are any special tasks you need to complete beforehand. For instance, the inspector might ask you to obtain any service records from the home's seller.  

You also should find out how long the inspection is going to take. The seller might want to be available during the inspection. As the buyer, you need to be available, too.  

If there are repairs that need to be made, ask the inspector whether or not he or she can make them. Some inspection services also offer repair services. If you can have the repairs completed that day, you can guarantee that the well is operational and up to code.  

Once the inspection is complete, you can ask the inspector for guidelines on how to get the most out of the well and its pump. If there are any maintenance tasks you need to complete, make note of them now. 

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