3 Steps To Preparing For A Residential Sewer Line Repair

31 March 2017
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The sewer lines that are buried on your property have the big job of carrying waste out of your home and to the proper disposal points, whether it is a public sewer system or a private septic tank. While sewer lines are created from durable materials that can withstand many years of use, occasionally, they do have to be replaced because of deterioration, corrosion, or breakage. Replacing a sewer line is no small job and can seem like a lengthy project. To make sure you help the sewer line replacement project go as smoothly as possible, there are a few steps you should take in advance.

Clear the area around where the sewer line is to be removed and replaced. 

The sewer line can run a great distance through your property, which means there can be a lot of stuff in the way that will have to be moved. The old line will have to be dug out of the ground and removed before the new one will be placed. So before the contractor is scheduled to arrive, make sure you take the time to move any backyard furniture, lawn and garden equipment, and anything else that could pose a problem. 

Make alternative bathroom arrangements. 

Before the sewer line can be replaced, it will mean all outgoing waste from the house will have to be temporary halted. Therefore, the toilets you have in your home will be off limits. Because the project can take some time to complete, it is a good idea to make alternate bathroom arrangements for the time being. Talk to a neighbor about using their facilities or even consider renting  a portable toilet for a day or two unless you don't plan on being home through the project. 

Leave access space for large vehicles. 

There can be some pretty large pieces of equipment used in a sewer line replacement project, such as a backhoe or trench digger to dig out the old lines. Therefore, make sure you leave ample space in your driveway and around your property for the contractor to access the area where the line will be installed. 

By preparing for a sewer line replacement project in advance, you will be much less likely to run into issues that prolong the process. Talk to a sewer line repair and replacement contractor like http://www.goldsealplumbing.com to find out more about what you need to do to get ready.