Why Crawl Spaces With Excessive Moisture Lead to Frozen Pipes

7 April 2017
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Many homes have crawl spaces due to a soil type that makes a basement impossible. Unfortunately, excessive moisture in these spaces can heavily affect a home's plumbing. The most problematic of these situations is the ways in which it can lead to frozen pipes in a home.

Crawl Spaces Often Have Excessive Moisture

Crawl spaces are sadly often heavily affected by excessive moisture. This leads to an increased chance of wood rot and temperature changes that can be problematic for pipes.

The latter problem is of particular concern. When winter comes, all that extra moisture is still hanging in the air. As a result, it will end up suffering from the cold in the way that any moisture does: by condensing and freezing on the surface the items in the crawl space, including pipes.

How This Can Lead to Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are typically caused by a lack of heat or insulation around the pipe. In a crawl space, this is more likely because people rarely consider the importance of insulating areas of the home in which they never spend time. When there is excessive moisture in the area, this increases the chances of frozen pipes as it may cause ice to form on the surface of the pipe.

This formation of ice can further decrease the temperature of the pipes or even cause minor damage on the surface of the pipe. Lowered temperatures will increase the risk of frozen pipes by affecting the water flowing through the pipe.

Keeping Crawl Space Pipes From Freezing

The first step in this process is to seal the crawl space to ensure that it doesn't promote excessive moisture. This requires calling a specialist who can inspect the crawl space, dehydrate it of excessive moisture, and install proper sealing methods for keeping moisture out. Do this before winter hits to ensure the air isn't too thick with moisture.

Next, it is important to get the crawl space heavily insulated to ensure that it stays warm enough during the winter to avoid freezing. Other steps include installing insulation around the pipes, but crawl space insulation should be completed first. This vital first step ensures that no cracks will occur in the future.

Calling plumbing experts is a great way of protecting crawl space pipes from freezing. They will understand how to install pipe and crawl space installation successfully. In emergency situations, they can also fix frozen pipes to ensure they don't burst.