Why Your Plumbing Is Making Noise

10 January 2018
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It's not uncommon to have plumbing in a home that makes noise. However, if the noise recently started or louder than it usually is, it can be a reason to be concerned. Here are the reasons behind common sounds.

Hot Water Issues

Do you have water in your house that is heated with steam? The problem could be coming from the boiler within your home. If the boiler overflows, it can cause a loud banging due to water being in your steam pipes. On the flip side, banging can occur from air pockets within the water pipes. It creates a problem known as water hammer, where water shoots through the pipe and causes them to rattle.

Thankfully, a plumber can fix both of these problems for you. It may involve emptying the system and refilling it again to ensure that the pipes are only filled with what belonging in them.

Water Pressure Issues

Another cause of problems can be water pressure that is too high, which creates an issue with banging pipes. You can typically tell if you have high water pressure due to how fast it comes out of your faucets, and if it is accompanied by banging, you know that the problem is due to the water pressure.

Another way to measure water is with a gauge that you can put on your pipes. This should be done if high water pressure is a problem and you need to monitor it. A plumber can do this for you and install a water moderating device to help reduce the noise made within the pipes from water pressure.

Unsecured Plumbing

Sometimes those rattling and banging sounds are caused by pipes that have not been secured within your home. They will shake and hit whatever happens to be nearby, which will create a sound that is quite annoying.

Try to identify this sound by listening for the noise when it is occurring. Can you pinpoint an area where the noise comes from, such as behind a wall or underneath your home? If you can visibly see the pipe because it is not hidden, try to watch for the rattle and secure the pipe if it is the problem. All it can take is some padding and a bracket from your home improvement store to make the sound go away.

These are only some of the sounds that your plumbing can make. For more help identifying and fixing sounds, reach out to a local area plumber.