3 DIY Plumbing Tips To Save You Time And Money

24 January 2018
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Plumbing problems in your home can be more than just major headaches that you must deal with. They also take a lot of time and can be very expensive. Therefore, you need to be able to do some of the easier repairs on your own. Here are some DIY Plumbing repairs that you can do on your own:

1. DIY Drain Cleaning to Clear Stubborn Clogs from Drains

There are many DIY drain cleaning solutions that you may want to consider for your home, such as using natural drain cleaners or plumbing snakes. For your kitchen, there are all the common ingredients you need for natural drain cleaners, such as vinegar and baking soda. For stubborn clogs with hair in shower drains, a small plumber's snake from the hardware store will help to solve some of these common problems with clogged bathroom drains.

2. Repairs to Plumbing Traps Beneath Sinks That Leak and More

The traps beneath the sinks in your home can be the source of many plumbing problems, such as lost jewelry or clogs. Easy access to the plumbing traps will make repairs and maintenance of your sinks easier. The traps that screw together are easier to repair and put back together, but they are also more susceptible to leaks. If you have a professionally installed plumbing system with traps that are glued together, it may be better to contact a drain cleaning service like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. to help retrieve lost objects in traps or clear a clogged drain that is blocked.

3. Replacing Plumbing Seals and Fixing Minor Plumbing Leaks

Leaks are serious plumbing problems that often lead to water damage and mold problems in your home. Therefore, quick and efficient repairs are important to reduce repair costs. Some of the plumbing leaks in your home may be minor and simple to fix. For example, braided or flexible water lines usually have screw fittings, which use Teflon tape to seal the connection. One of the DIY plumbing repairs that you can easily do in your home is replacing the leaking seal on plumbing fittings.  Replacing rubber seals and gaskets are also repairs that you may want to try to do on your own.

These are some DIY plumbing repairs that you can do on your own around the house. If you have any problems with your plumbing, contact a drain cleaning service to help you with your needs. They will be able to clear stubborn clogs that are deep in drains, as well as help with other common plumbing problems.