3 Vital Reasons To Remember This Home Renovation Necessity

24 January 2018
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Have you been planning an upcoming home renovation project? Are you almost positive that you've planned everything out to the last detail? Even though you may have been planning for weeks or maybe even months, you've probably forgotten something important: portable toilet facilities for the people working on your home. While many people ignore this need or simply forget about it, having adequate facilities can be extremely crucial. Some of the best reasons why you need to make this arrangement include:

Faster completion time: Consider how often you have to use the bathroom every day. Even if it is only a few times a day, multiply that time by the number of people who will be working on the project. Without a restroom facility on-site, these workers combined could be spending the equivalent of hours every day simply traveling to the nearest convenience store or other public restroom in order to be able to use those facilities. On the other hand, if you have any portable toilets on your property, these interruptions will only take a few minutes out of the day. Fewer interruptions to the work mean that the project can be finished more quickly, perhaps even several days ahead of where it might otherwise be.

Sanitation issues:  Not everyone is able to wait several minutes to relieve themselves, especially if they've been consuming lots of liquids while working outside in the heat. Without any available portable toilets on-site, a desperate worker may find the most secluded location on your property to use as a makeshift bathroom facility. Whether just urine or if feces are left behind, human waste can contain pathogens that could make you and your family sick. By providing the appropriate facilities, none of the workers will have any excuse for relieving themselves anywhere else.

Emergency use: Even if you're not planning to remodel your bathroom just yet or you're not planning any changes to your plumbing at all, there is no guarantee that your water won't get shut off at some point during the construction process. For instance, if a pipe is accidentally damaged in the process of opening up a wall to add new drywall or to add new insulation, the water to the whole house would need to be shut off until the damage can be repaired. While you might think about going to a hotel or otherwise staying elsewhere until then, there may not be any vacancies. Having any portable toilets already on your property would help provide some relief until the water in your home can be turned back on.