Tips For First-Time Septic Tank Owners

19 September 2018
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Switching from standard full plumbing that leads out to the sewer system and getting a septic tank can be quite a change. If you're worried about moving to a home that has a septic tank or aren't sure what you should be doing with the one that you now have, check out this simple guide that will make it much easier to keep your septic tank in normal working order.

Maintenance Required

Unlike plumbing that leads to a sewer system, there are some steps you should consider taking in order to maintain your septic tank.

For one, it's a good idea to do what you can to encourage bacterial growth in the septic tank. This might sound strange, but those bacteria are what are going to help break down waste in the septic tank. You can do this by flushing a little yeast down the toilet.

Secondly, avoid additives that are labeled as bacterial-killing. Enzymatic additives are also a problem. Studies have shown that these products have little to no benefit or can actually be harmful to your septic tank's functionality, in part because they kill necessary bacteria.

Make a Schedule and Keep It

Having a septic tank means you need to have someone come out on a regular basis to drain it. From the moment you step foot into the home with the septic tank, you should set up a recurring system of appointments to have this done on a regular basis. Waiting too long can trigger disaster, and no one wants to have an overflowed septic tank.

Once you have a schedule set up, don't skip appointments or delay them. Doing so can easily lead to the septic tank being overfilled.

Know the Warning Signs

Finally, if your septic tank has a problem, you need to know how to tell as soon as possible to prevent further damage from being done.

First off, if you notice a foul odor coming from your yard, call for septic tank maintenance. This likely means that your tank has either overflowed or has a crack that is allowing its contents to seep out into the yard.

Secondly, take notice if the yard appears to be wet or muddy when there hasn't been any water flowing into the yard. This could mean that you have a leak as well.

Lastly, if you notice that your drains are draining slowly or even backing up, get immediate help. This likely means that your septic tank is full and can't take any more from your plumbing.

Septic tanks are easy to take care of if you follow these simple tips. If you have further questions or are concerned about an existing issue with your septic tank system, call for professional septic tank pumping services before it becomes a bigger problem.