3 Signs Your Private Well Is In Distress

27 September 2019
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Many people utilize city or community water systems, which can be costly each month. On the other hand, many homeowners have private wells, which do not require a monthly water bill, making them a cost-effective option. Unfortunately, because they are out of sight and usually out of mind, well water systems are not understood well by most people. This guide will help you learn the signs your well is in distress.

Discolored Water

One of the first signs you may notice if there is an issue with your well is discolored water. You may notice a yellow or brown tint or actual debris and particles floating around in a glass of water.

If you are noticing discolored or unappealing water, your well pump may not be installed properly. It is important that the well pump is installed well below the actual well. Or, your well screen may need to be replaced. Without a clear screen that is free of debris, particles will not filter out of the water before moving into your home.

Sputtering Faucets

Another common sign you may notice is that the faucets are sputtering water because there is actual air in the lines. This is usually caused by the well water pump being installed above the groundwater level.

In some instances, the groundwater level will decrease, affecting the pump's ability to draw water out to supply to your home. This places air in the lines, which causes the faucets to spit out a mixture of air and water.

While surprising to learn, if your pump is not able to bring up the water needed properly, gases may form in the lines, affecting the water's quality, too.

Talk to your well professionals to determine if the cause of the sputtering is due to low groundwater levels.

Increased Energy Bills

Even though they do not cause water bills, wells and their pumps do require energy to effectively function. If you are noticing an unexplained increase in your energy bills in addition to other issues with your water quality and plumbing fixtures, your well may be in distress.

Your well pump will need to use extra energy in an attempt to pump and move water through clogged or damaged lines. Cleaning out the well system and checking the pump's function is key to restoring the well system back to a functional and efficient state.

Help is available if you are dealing with a well issue. Contact the professionals today, or click here to learn more.