Worried That Soft Soil Means Sewer Line Damage In Your Old Home? Get A Plumbing Contractor Fast

22 October 2019
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If you love the old house that you own, but some of the utility components are falling apart, it's time to make some improvements to keep the property safe. If you are currently having problems with the old sewer lines and pipes and you fear there may be leaking into your soil around the home, you need a plumbing company that does sewer line repairs.

This is a project that would be more difficult to do than a basic inside the house small plumbing repair. Talk with the plumbing contractor about all of the following things.

Leaks, Cracks, and Damage

The plumbing contractors will want to look inside the pipes, all the way to where the sewer lines meet the city pipeline connection point or until they get to the septic tank. They have a drain camera that they will push through the system, viewing what the camera sees as it makes its way through the pipes.

This is an easy way for the contractor to see if there are major cracks or damage and if sewage is getting out and dirt is going in. They can assess what repairs will be needed and what needs to be replaced or changed.

Trenchless Repair Options

It may be possible to avoid digging through the yard to fix all of the pipe damages. Instead, the plumbing contractor may be able to do a trenchless repair. The pipe is fixed internally and the ground isn't touched.

The plumbing contractor will attempt to push a new pipe through the old pipe, so the old pipe will stay where it is, but a new pipe will be just inside it. The pipes are lined with an epoxy resin, and this can last 40-50 years or longer. The trenchless repair is going to be faster than traditional repair options and more affordable.

If you think that you may have sewage that is leaking into the ground and you aren't sure if your pipes can be salvaged, you need to get an evaluation to see if trenchless repair will work for you. You don't want to overspend either, so be sure that you figure out if trenchless options will be the right fix for your property. Plumbing is something that is serious if it has complications, and it can damage the structure of your home. Make sure that you take any plumbing concerns seriously and get the problems fixed right away.

Contact a plumber for more information about trenchless sewer lining systems.