What Does It Mean If Sewage Is Coming Up In Your Tub?

13 February 2020
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Liquid in a tub should only go one way — down the drain. But sometimes, problems can occur that send things coming back up the tub's drain instead of going down it. If you've found yourself in the incredibly unpleasant situation of realizing that sewage is coming up out of the drain of your tub, this will explain what's going on.

Why It's Happening

Barring a huge storm causing your neighborhood's sewers backing up, there's really only one cause for sewage to come up out of a tub: it has nowhere else to go.

Your problem is likely that you have a blockage in your sewer line, otherwise known as the pipe leading away from your house that brings whatever you send down the drain to the sewer. When blockages form in this pipe, anything you send down the drain will have nowhere to go, and it can end up coming back up in the tub.

Blockages can develop for a whole host of reasons, including flushing products that are marketed as flushable but are not actually that safe to flush, tree roots growing into your sewer line, or even the sewer line breaking or splitting apart in such a way that the opening is obscured.

Why It Comes Up There

But why does the sewage come up in your tub, you might be wondering? It's quite simple, really. The tub is closer to the ground, meaning that there's less space for the sewage that's coming back up to travel than it would if it were coming up through a toilet or sink. On top of that, bathtubs sometimes have wider pipes because more fluid goes down a bathtub drain than, say, a sink. This lets the pressure come up more easily through the bathtub drain.

What to Do

If you're having this problem, you need to contact a plumber. They can immediately get to work by sending a camera down the sewer line to look for a problem. This will allow them to pinpoint where the blockage or break is.

If it's a blockage, your plumber will likely be able to break it up using a mechanical snake or another piece of plumbing equipment. Then, through the use of a hydro jet, they can flush whatever the blockage was out of the sewer line so that it reaches the sewer and no longer poses a problem. This can all usually be done without digging up your yard.

However, if you have a cracked or broken pipe, that may require additional care. Keep in mind that fixing the blockage temporarily won't be a long-term solution if the pipe is damaged, as it's likely to just keep happening until the pipe fully breaks.

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