What To Do If The Base Of Your Toilet Cracks

22 April 2020
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While rare, it's entirely possible for cracks to form in a toilet. After all, they're typically made of porcelain, which isn't known for being the most durable material on the face of the earth. If you're worried because the base of your toilet has developed a crack that may or may not be seeping, then here is what you need to know and do.

The Problems It Can Cause

Having a crack develop in the base of a toilet, in particular, is a problem. This is because of the way that your toilet drains when it flushes.

If you've ever experienced a bad seal on a toilet, chances are you already know what to expect here. The base of the toilet carries away sewage that you flush down the toilet, but it doesn't have an enclosed pipe or anything like that. Instead, the toilet is sort of its own pipe and any damage to the base of the toilet can effectively open that 'pipe' up and allow it to drain all over the floor instead. With a problem like a crack, you need to reach out to a plumber for help.

Getting Help

Having a crack in a toilet isn't the end of the world so long as you act quickly. Call plumbing services and have them come out to take a look as soon as possible.

Once your plumber has arrived, they'll inspect your toilet. If the crack is minor, it's possible that they may be able to fix it by using a sealant to plug up the crack and keep it working. However, this will depend upon what your plumber has to say about it.

If the crack is particularly bad, the entire toilet may need to be replaced. It's unfortunate, but severe enough damage to the toilet base may not be fixable and in this case, there's no other option but to get a new toilet.

Having a crack develop in a toilet is relatively rare, but you can make it a nearly impossible problem if you take certain precautions. Keep anything heavy and hard away from your toilet. Make sure that your sink and any other large things in your bathroom, like towel stands, are connected to the wall and won't fall forward during an accident or earthquake. If you wear steel-toed boots, take them off before using the toilet so you don't accidentally kick it.

With these tips and the help of your plumber, this crack will soon be a mere memory. Ask your plumber if you have further questions or don't know what kind of toilet to get to replace yours.