3 Plumbing Reasons Your Sump Pump Might Fail And Plumber's Tips On How To Prevent It

23 November 2020
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The sump pump plays a critical role in curbing basement flooding and the water damage it causes. Since the pump is mechanical equipment, it will fail because of continuous wear and tear. Your responsibility is to minimize the wear and tear so that the pump can serve you for many years before it will need to be replaced. 

Here are four of the most common reasons behind sump pump failure and plumber's tips on how you can protect your basement from water damage caused by the pump's collapse. 

When It Cannot Match the Needed Capacity

Sump pumps come in varying capacities to pump out water. Before buying and installing a pump, you should assess how much water it would take to fill your basement. This volume should guide you in choosing the sump pump capacity. When you select a weak pump, and an event like flooding occurs, the pump will be overwhelmed and may break down.

You can try to add a battery backup to your pump if it keeps failing when there are heavy rains. Call in a plumber to check if there are other problems. If they recommend a replacement, go for one.

When It Is Pumping but the Water Is Not Moving

Another common problem is when your sump pump is working, but there is no water in the pit. It could be because of a poorly installed pump or not correctly linked the pump to the drainage system. Call in a plumber to check whether you linked the pump appropriately to the drainage system. If there is no drainage system, the plumber can help you establish one. 

When It Is Clogged

Another problem could come from leaving the sump pit open. When you leave the sump open, any dirt, debris, and other waste can get into the pipe's components. With time, the accumulated dirt clogs the system and creates blockages that prevent water flow from the basement to the pit. The plumber will look for clogs inside the pump and clear them.

Many things can go wrong, including having your pump failing completely when it is not regularly checked for any warning signs. You should speak to a plumbing contractor for maintenance tips. They will inspect your sump pump to determine if parts need repair and replacement. Timely maintenance will keep your basement safe from water damage and save you money in the end. Contact a plumber for more information.