3 Reasons You Might Need Emergency Plumbing Services When You Have House Guests

16 December 2020
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When you have house guests for the holiday, a plumbing mishap can turn into an emergency. You don't want your guests to be without a toilet, and if they forget and flush a toilet that isn't working, sewage could back up in your house. Even something as minor as a clogged drain could turn into an emergency when you're in the middle of a big dinner party.

Fortunately, no matter what kind of plumbing problem you run into, you can usually find an emergency plumbing contractor who is ready to help. Here's a look at how to deal with three common plumbing emergencies.

1. A Clogged Toilet You Don't Want Flushed

A clogged toilet can run over when it's flushed and fills with water. One step you can take is to turn the water valve off so that if someone uses the toilet and flushes it, the bowl won't fill with water. You should also put an out of service sign on the door or on the toilet itself to keep people away from it until the plumber arrives.

If you don't have a working toilet in the house, you'll want to call for emergency services so your guests aren't left in an unsanitary situation. When you call for emergency help, a plumber should be at your home within a fairly short time to get your toilet working.

2. A Water Leak From A Broken Pipe

When the plumbing pipes in your house are old and weak, they can burst at any moment. It's unfortunate if a pipe bursts when you have guests for the week, but it's a situation that needs immediate attention. The first step is to shut the water off, and you may need to do that at the water main valve.

That leaves your home without running water, so you'll want to call an emergency plumber for quick help. You'll also want to dry out the area around the leak before water damage is done to your home.

3. Someone Drops A Ring Down The Sink

Losing a ring down the kitchen sink is a cause for alarm. You want to retrieve the ring fast before it's washed down the drain. The first thing you should do is turn off the water main so water stops going down the drains. Next, you can take the P-trap apart under the sink if you can. The ring may be caught in the trap and easy to get out.

If you can't get the trap apart or if the ring isn't in it, call a plumbing service and ask for advice. They might send an emergency plumber as soon as possible to get the P-trap apart or search in the drain for the ring.